Copy of The Relic of Refshaleøen

Danish title: Refshaleøens Relief

My bachelor thesis centered the transformation of the post-industrial harbour landscape found on Refshaleøen, Copenhagen.

The project aimed to stage a post-industrial relic through preservation and recycling of still visible tracks and traces. In that way my proposal endeavored to allow the ruinous landscape to be an actor in a story about cultural heritage, while at the same time also an actor of the future urban development in the Copenhagen Harbour.

With the use of, notation exercises, landscape analysis and thorough registration of the existing conditions, I investigated the locations inherent qualities and potentials for preservation. In my understanding of the site-specific I set out to ‘find’ rather than ‘invent’.

The proposal anchored in the tracks and traces left by the past dockyard industry and thereby ensures the areas special character and continued existence. Preservation, transformation and additions have been the keywords in the project. Værftshaven meet an increasing desire for quietness in the city. It therefore framed a recreational public space with room for diverse use. The aesthetic of the ruins were here staged by the immediate self-grown biotopes, an urban wilderness which enhanced the nature experience at Refshaleøens Relief.

The project was printed and bound in A4.