REMAIN Birger Christensen

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Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019. I skipped it - well, apart from one thing; The presentation of the new REMAIN Birger Christensen. I knew for a fact that it would be a little unconventional and down to earth (like their styles) and also, the format of ‘an exhibition’ spoke to me.

REMAIN Birger Christensen is a new brand with a clean expression. They do simple pieces created to compliment the basic items in your wardrobe and everyday life, focusing on good quality at an affordable price point.

The SS20 collection was set in an exhibition format with large glass photographs leaning against the walls. The exhibition ‘A Female Portrait’ showcased the photographs of Casper Sejersen as well as a live exhibition/presentation of the new collection by women present at the event. I met a few familiar faces who’d been casted to wear some of the SS20 styles. Which I loved. It was quite an experience to see all those beautiful ladies, dressed in the same signature colour and shades of: mustard yellow. Lots of pale yellow and browns, and bright pinks were also to be spotted. I really enjoyed photographing all the colourful pieces at the other end of the space, elegantly presented on suspended rails with a sky light letting in all that sunshine.

ASROSENVINGE_Remain_Birger Christensen_SS20ED27D0DA-6DB5-4CFE-81EE-13276F6C2A9F.jpeg
ASROSENVINGE_Remain_Birger Christensen_SS20F0720885-74DC-4B66-8CBA-4EE8FFE3E8AA.jpeg
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ASROSENVINGE_Remain_Birger Christensen_SS20_Frederikke_Aagaard_D7480AEB-EE55-4215-85E1-2FA7C3585F14.jpeg

Caught the lovely, freckled Frederikke Aagaard, who totally owned this colour!

ASROSENVINGE_Remain_Birger Christensen_SS201DCA52F3-71D7-41B0-8FA0-048B9929E5FF.jpeg
ASROSENVINGE_Remain_Birger Christensen_SS20-EDFD8FF7-10A1-47EB-A53B-B86218141801.jpeg
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