Julie Damhus ceramics launch



In mid June I was invited to an exclusive coffee and cake event in the company of inspiring creatives, hosted by Julie Damhus and Studio Grey.

We were presented to the new collection TOTO - a stackable ceramics collection consisting of a cup, plate and bowl coming in a range of 4 pastel shades; pink, pistachio green, caramel and a blueish black.

The name TOTO translates to ‘twotwo’ in English, and like the word implies is a little equation: 2+2 referring to the ceramics’ stack-ability. The cup was the primary object in the collection, taking its direct inspiration from the traditional white porcelain cantina cup, that you find in public institutions and work places. It’s a classic, and is stackable. From the cup, the plate and bowls were introduced.

The surface is matte and with visual texture, and the cup especially fits the hand like a glove. It is a little larger than the average stackable cantina cup, allowing one to sort of ‘hug’ the cup, the coffee, the ceramics, the texture.

The ceramics are produced in Poland which means they have a really great price point. 185 DKK for the cup. Definitely a bargain.


The launch was presented at Studio Grey’s place, where the walls spoke of ancient times and every surface heightened the stories of the ceramics. Sketches, small stacks of pigment, tools and ceramic tests decorated the rooms. In what was the dining room on that day, was a table with the most beautiful cakes, all served on Julie Damhus’ new TOTO ceramics collection. An intimate little gathering, that allowed us to really get to know the ideas and processes behind the collection and each other. A press event which I found quite different to all the other ones I’ve been to, because it felt so, so personal.


Cakes from Leckerbaer. They were extremely pretty. And tasty. Think I tasted at least 4 different ones. The lemon with white chocolate and meringue being my favourite.

Thank you for a lovely afternoon Julie Damhus and Studio Grey - loved talking to you.