Normann Copenhagen for CPH:DOX



Always exciting to see what Normann Copenhagen comes up with for the Copenhagen’s International Documentary Film Festival CPH:DOX. This year, the visual universe/interior concept was created by MBADV Studio.

Social Cinema houses a unique experience for a relaxed cinema experience, where you have the chance to lounge in one of the 34 bespoke pink sofas named ‘Rope’. At either side of the long couches hangs a collage of pink and red curtains in different heights and lengths, which makes the room acoustically pleasing to watch a movie in. They also set the scene of what I think refers back to the classical scenography for theatres. Simple, but effective.

Large pieces of film covers the windows, and when the sun is shining, the colours are projected onto the walls, like mosaics. I was there on a particularly sunny day, and the stairway looked incredible!

VR rooms are also to be found this year, and the main one features mint-green semicircles, creating a private sphere for a comfy VR experience.

The bar area is full of ‘Silo’ puffs in an array of red colours and next door a long pink sofa makes for a chill out area.

The doors open today 20th of March and CPH:DOX is on for the whole weekend. Enjoy!

ASROSENVINGE_Normann Copenhagen_CPHDOX-03357.jpg