Alicja Kwade at Charlottenborg Kunsthal

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Out of Ousia is the name of Kunsthal Charlottenborgs current exhibition by Alicja Kwade. Contemporary in its look and materials, this exhibit taps into the feeling of land art. I can imagine the large structures to be placed in the middle of the desert, surrounded by sand and exposed bedrock. It’s a geometric experience to witness these vast and powerful structures, the tall vertical lines playing with one’s sense of perspective, as you wander around the edges of the first room. The marbled spheres, resting in the corners of the black frame and balancing on top of their intersection, look light although they seem to anchor down the steel structure.

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In glass monitors, homeware objects such as vases and bowls are on show. What’s interesting about them is that they are made from the dust of a blended PowerMac! Next to them, on the floor, lies a large rock persistently mirroring its own appearance. Branches are placed up against the walls throughout the whole exhibition, representing a new and softer material, compared to stone, steel, glass and copper.

Out of Ousia is on from 21 sep – 17 feb 2019 at
Kunsthal Charlottenborg