Now this is a really exciting story for me to write! I’ve founded a new design studio together with Trine Natskår. It is called AFTER NOON and we launched our new brand during 3 Days of Design.

In collaboration with Eberhart Furniture, we remodelled their space and invited our friends, family and network in for Campari’s in the afternoon light.

We named the exhibition SUNSETTLED.


About the exhibition

SUNSETTLED is the collective term for the transformation of the Eberhart Furniture showroom, which plays on the use of colours and shape in the sequence of two rooms. 

As you enter, you’re greeted by OMBRE HOURS - a space that honours the warm hues of the afternoon, juxtaposed with graphic shapes. A place where the ombre effect is present in the colour palette, and where the compositional installations take inspiration from the minimalistic furniture pieces ARN and IVO.

IVO has been illuminated like a vibrant star, with ultramarine blue pigment - a design collaboration between AFTER NOON and Eberhart Furniture. Let’s see if it gets into production! It is a stunner.


From here, one enters ARBITRARY MOONS: an ode to the darker hours, to the mystic night skies, portraying round forms and Eberhart's tables in a moon landscape. Concrete coasters in white and grey with concentric relics had been stacked in small towers on the tables. Visitors could bring a coaster home with them.


The exhibition is still on, and you are welcome to drop by to have a look!

Where Eberhart Furniture, Kronprinsessegade 8, Kld., 1306 Copenhagen K
Eberhart Furniture x AFTER NOON

Furniture Eberhart Furniture
Catellani & Smith
Polychromatic concept and spatial design AFTER NOON

FYI: We were not part of the official programme, but the doors were open and lots of press stopped by, thanks to our guerrilla marketing strategy of putting up posters around the city! Also the great location of Eberhart Furniture’s showroom right next to &tradition and Bric Pro on Kronprinsessegade invited press in.

Thanks again for coming and for your support <3