In a contemporary manner, this landscape design touches upon the area's past as a fortress channel and unites the historical context with its future purpose as a water basin for Lyngby-Taarbæk council, North of Copenhagen. Anchored in the history, an exciting and recreational water basin has been designed, that will be able to handle large amounts of rainwater. The weir, Stemmeværket strengthens the stages this tale of water. Every weir stands out in an architectural manner, cutting through the terrain, thus functioning as a structuring element. They each divide the area into five grounds, each with its own unique character.

This project was a very technical one, where every drawing was made in AutoCad. Stemmeværket was made in collaboration with Anna Maya Handberg, Casper Borg, Kristine Nilsson & Tine Gils.


Concrete casts

Prototypes of concrete casts, to experiment with ways to imitate a bedrock. I mixed in a variety of organic material, sand and stones to play with types of structures on the surface. We used this idea in our project where we designed casted rocks, floating in the landscape and also used on the main square as a piece of furniture.