Natural Dye

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Natural Dye


The plant print workshop is a new collaboration with MarbleMatter.

It is an attempt to show how easily accessible natural colour is in our everyday life. Most produces and botanical waste is capable of leaving a colourful mark on natural fibers. What we usually categorise as waste, can therefore be used to create small wonders of naturally dyed textiles. A great way to give new life to your wardrobe or embark on a foraging adventure in your kitchen or local park.

During our workshop you get to make a 90x90 cm natural silk scarf using the plant print technique. We will show you how to create various patterns, as well as how to how to brighten or dull the colours of your print. The workshop also includes a general introduction to natural dye and a manual, so no experience needed and we promise it is easy to repeat at home.  

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What is Plant Print?

Plant Print is also known as bundle dyeing or eco printing. It is a form or natural dyeing where whole dyestuff (leaves, peels, petals etc.) are used to give colour to natural fibers.

To collect material for the process, it is ideal to save certain kitchen scraps and look for fallen leaves, rather than purchasing fresh flowers and vegetables. Once you have a sufficient amount of salvaged plant material it is arranged on a piece of textile and rolled into a bundle. In order to release colour from the plant material the cloth is steamed. After the little bundle has cooled, it can feel a little like Christmas to reveal the print with its colours and patterns left on the textile!

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