Marbling workshops 


In collaboration with MarbleMatter we host workshops on how to marble on both textiles and paper. 

These creative three hour workshops will introduce you to the history of marbling and to all materials needed for a marbling session. Every participant have their own marbling station with all trays needed and we like to have pre-mixed colours to start off with. During the workshop you will learn how to mix your own colour, and if the workshop is on paper, you will learn how to prepare paper for marbling. 

All materials are included in the price and we provide breakfast, coffee, fruits and cake during the workshop. Participants will leave with their own artworks created on the day and a small booklet with all information on how to get started yourself, patterns, references and suggestions on where to buy your marbling kit.

All workshops are held in Danish, however can also be done in Spanish and English. 


We host marbling workshops on both paper & textiles




What is marbling?

Essentially, marbling is a technique used to produce designs on an aqueous surface. Patterns are made by adding drops of colour to the surface of the size and then this is carefully transferred onto paper or fabric. Simple, elegant and super satisfying.

When is the next workshop?

Find out when and where our next workshop is taking place by clicking here. We advertise the upcoming workshops on Instagram (@marblematter @asrosenvinge) and Facebook (marblematter)

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I can't buy a ticket. Why?

We only have a limited number of tickets available for each workshop, since we want to keep the group of participants small with plenty of time to ask questions and to get help along the way. Therefore we recommend you getting your ticket as soon as possible.

Do you host private workshops?

Yes, we do! If you want to celebrate a birthday in a creative way, host a fun and colourful event or simply want to invite your own group of marbles to a given location, we arrange private workshops - both here in Copenhagen and elsewhere. Please email us if you'd like to know more!